Prototype Design

We start by working with you to sketch out the flows and finish with a beautiful interactive prototype.

How It Works

In the design phase we take the user stories that were created in the project estimation process and turn them into high fidelity prototypes. This generally takes three to four weeks. In the beginning we explore the user’s problem, the space as it exists currently, and how we can best help the user accomplish what they want.

We then start laying out a low fidelity wireframe, this is a black and white sketch of the app that helps us talk through exactly how you’d like things to be laid out. The next step is adding color and making it look more like a finished product, we again get your feedback about the app and also have testers give feedback.

In the final week we take the feedback, implement it into the designs, and make a final fully clickable prototype.

work steps

Your Team

The design process involves you and your creative vision as well as the designer, and a project manager, the developer who will lead the development of your project. All of us work towards the common goal of designing an app that is both technically feasible and delightful for the customer to use.

teams involved


There are at least three major benefits of going through the design process. First, you are able to work through all of your ideas and make them visually concrete. Second, you have something to show investors, testers, and skeptical family members. Third, it is way less expensive to modify designs than it is modify code, so you can save a lot of time and money by refining designs before starting to develop a project.