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Why to work with us

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Approachable Geek isn’t for everyone. We’re the kind of development company for people who are both humble and ambitious, talented and hungry for growth. The type of work we do requires mental flexibility and always working on something new. 


At Approachable Geek we invest in your growth by providing structured training, opportunities to push yourself to the edge of your abilities, and the chance to gain experience working on software projects that make a difference to both the clients we work with and the communities they serve. 

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Paid Time Off

Full time employees have 14 days paid time off and flexible vacation time beyond that. 

Flexible Hours

One of the beautiful parts of remote work is flexibility, at AG your work life can work with your regular life 

401k or Health Insurance

Choose between a health insurance reimbursement or 401k matching (for full time employees)

Work from Home

We give you the freedom to work wherever you’d like and to kill your morning commute

Company Parties

How do you party as a fully remote company? Well… Come and see… 


We help support everyone we hire with training and educational resources for their development

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