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We build custom software solutions for businesses that humans love to use

We’re software geeks who speak “business”, so you don’t have to speak “geek”. We translate your expertise into high performing tech, on time, in budget and in a transparent way.

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Services We Provide

Brainstorm Icon

Project Brainstorming

We get your ideas out of your head and onto paper, then fill in the gaps. 

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App Development

We code one week, test the next, and hand you working code every two weeks.

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Prototype Design

We start by sketching the flows and finish with a beautiful interactive prototype. 

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App Testing

We love testing software. Not because there's a lot of fanfare for bug squashing, but because it makes it possible to build great code.

User Testing Icon

User Testing

How do you make sure people will love your app? Test the prototype! We'll guide you every step of the way.

Maintenance Icon

App Maintenance

Need technical help for the long haul? We’ve got you. Let our maintenance team take care of you.


Johnny Mayes

Johnny Mayes 

Thanks so much to you, Garrett, Thomas and the whole team. Y’all kick a** and take names! And that’s truly an understatement. 

Ben Orchard

Ben Orchard

The Approachable Geeks are awesome! I really enjoyed working with Bruce and Garrett. They are both talented and developed a great product. Highly recommend!

Steve Markey

Steve Markey

Approachable Geek was a delight to work with. Very easy to contact and they responded right away which is hard to find these days.

Lydia Thompson

Lydia Thompson

“We hired Approachable Geek to design a user interface for our software as a service application. (They) quickly grasped our application… and came up with design that looks great and really improves its usability.”

Past Projects

Iphone Mockup Mutual Dates App

Mutual Dates - meet your date night planner.

Meet your date night planner. Find cool date spots, specially priced for two.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our projects generally take between 6-12 weeks. First is the design process, which takes 3 - 4 weeks, then we start development which varies widely based on your project.


Generally somewhere between $15k - $100k, reach out and we can give you a free quote for your app. 


Your project will have somewhere between 3-5 people working on it full time until it is complete. A project manager will guide you through all phases of the project, a designer will create the user experience, a team lead will manage the technical work, and awesome developers will code it. 


An MVP (minimum viable product) helps you ship just enough code to test your assumptions, but not too little code that your users won’t love your app. It helps you learn quickly and inexpensively what users need so you save time and money. 

Approachable Geek's Team
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