How long does it take to develop an app?

Headshot of Bruce Peck

Bruce Peck

Nov 17, 2022 · 2 min read

When trying to determine how long it will take to develop an app there are a few factors that determine a project's length.

First, what are you building? The complexity of the project that you are building makes a huge difference. For instance a phone calculator may take a few weeks to complete whereas recreating the functionality of a CRM may take a year or more.

The second factor, who is developing it? The slowest being a part time freelancer, and the fastest being a team of highly skilled developers that have good chemistry together. It’s like a marathon, it’s the same distance but the fitness and commitment level of the participants makes a huge difference on the delivery time.

A final factor to consider is scope control. One reason why software development is challenging to predict, is because the scope of projects that are not disciplined can continue to grow as the project goes on. If the target is always moving, it is difficult to hit it.

All that being said, it generally takes us somewhere between 6 - 14 weeks to complete a project. If you’d like to figure out how long your concept will take to build, set up a time to chat with us and we’ll get you a ballpark idea.