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Our work process


  • First Call

  • Brainstorming Meeting

  • User stories

  • Estimation

  • Design Contract


  • User Research

  • Wireframing 

  • Revisions

  • Prototype

  • User Testing

  • High Fidelity Prototype


  • Re Estimation Contract

  • Development

  • Bug bashing and testing

  • Revisions

  • Launch


  • Bug prevention

  • Bug fixing

  • Access to support

  • Versioning

Our Teams

Product Icon


We help organize & design your product and be your connection point with all other teams

Design Icon


Our design team consists of a product manager and a UX/UI designer

Development Icon


 Dev teams have a team lead and generally 2-3 other developers working on your project 

Maintenance Icon


When you are in the maintenance phase we have a developer dedicated to responding to your requests on an ongoing basis


Central to the way that we work is a culture of transparency and communication, you’ll find our estimation process to be very detailed and open. We show you exactly where the cost goes in your project, which items are taking more time than others and will work with you to explain the logic behind each item. We love discussion and exploring many different ideas. 


We’ve also developed our process to allow for clear communication at regular intervals to keep you well informed. For instance, during the design phase we demo the progress made once a week, and during the development phase we give you a demonstration of the app and send you a build of it every two weeks before we invoice so you have clear checkpoints to give feedback. 

Transparent ball

Our mission

Hands Together, Team Work

Before all else, Approachable Geek exists to build software that humans love to use. Our aim is to build products that solve important and challenging problems in delightful ways for as many people as we can possibly reach. 


When you look around you, you begin to realize that it is really no exaggeration that people fall in love with their software. With Instagram, Uber, Doordash, the only word that could describe some people’s feeling towards these apps is love.

What makes them fall in love? From our viewpoint there are at least three things that constitute “lovable” software:

  • The software solves a real human need

  • The software is designed in such a way that it makes accomplishing the task effortless and pleasurable

  • The code flawlessly delivers


The first criteria, solving a human need, is why we say “no” to a lot of projects presented to us at Approachable Geek. We are seeking projects that we think can be successful in the real world with clients we think are sharp and want to work with. The second is why we design our software in house, we want to ensure that there is a great level of detail put into solving a real user need. And finally the third item is why we have a very selective hiring process which vets not only for deep technical skill but for people who are enjoyable to work with. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to build a application?

Our projects generally take between 6-12 weeks. First is the design process, which takes 3 - 4 weeks, then we start development which varies widely based on your project.


How much does it cost to create an application?

Generally somewhere between $15k - $100k, reach out and we can give you a free quote for your app. 


How many people will work on my project?

Your project will have somewhere between 3-5 people working on it full time until it is complete. A project manager will guide you through all phases of the project, a designer will create the user experience, a team lead will manage the technical work, and awesome developers will code it. 


What is an MVP and why it's so important?

An MVP (minimum viable product) helps you ship just enough code to test your assumptions, but not too little code that your users won’t love your app. It helps you learn quickly and inexpensively what users need so you save time and money. 

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